Terra Agric International BV and its subsidiaries Terra Agric Services BV and Terra Agric Investment BV are Dutch enterprises who its core business is farm development by exporting the knowledge behind the success of the Dutch farming sector, farm services, and commodity marketing for agricultural emerging countries farmers.

The Farm Future program is the flagship program of the TA group. The program is in cooperation with a number of agricultural science institutions and especially with farmers who have successfully operated farms elsewhere in the world developed.


Emerging agricultural countries

By 2030, the world’s farmland will likely have to support a population of more than eight billion people an increase that will require a 25% boost in agricultural productivity. At the same time, the developing world’s middle class will continue to upgrade its diet, consuming more protein, and subsequently increasing pressure on global grain supplies. As water becomes an increasingly scarce resource, those agricultural regions with sustainable water supply will become implied exporters of water by virtue of their crop production.

For all of these reasons, global agricultural land is emerging as an exceptionally compelling investment opportunity, offering potentially stable returns on investment, low correlation to other assets and inflation protection.