Terra Agric International BV aims to develop agricultural products based on research, awareness and facilitate. Terra Agric is focused on “FARM FUTURE”.  Facilitating with land in lease, storage, and logistic support: consistent market supply” FARM BEST.  Holistic process management and value addition “from seed to plate”. Safe and high-quality consumer food products by certified production: safe food” FARM FRESH.

terra agric management

Rene Haveman

Managing Director
Terra Agric Investments BV

Rene Haveman is a Dutch farmer who is an entrepreneur and grower operating globally. Growing crops and rearing animals is his passion, it gives him the strength to learn from challenges in order to develop good farming practices that are successful and duplicable for other farmers. As a farm entrepreneur, his focus is on the right balance between optimum margin and cost leadership. In Africa and in Asia his focus is on cost leadership of the farmer’s production and profitability focus. Horizontal and vertical integration within the diver’s commodity value chains are delivering gains in margin and in the reduction of cost per unit produced. Rene Haveman has a strong farm, economic and leadership capabilities that make all those who work with him motivated and productive for themselves and for the group.