FARM BEST Breeding Crops

Terra Agric is breeding on the Farm Future resource farms in cooperation with large breeding companies certified seeds and planting material for its farmers.

FARM BEST Breeding Livestock

Terra Agric breeds its own livestock band and distributes high-quality sperm for artificial insemination for the mother animal. By selecting very critcal the parent animals based on individual performance indicators, the Farm Future resource farms are centers of livestock genetics.

FARM BEST Industrial Cash Crops

Terra Agric manages the value addition of produce of the farmers. Terra Agric is responsible for certification like Global GAP, a for quality management, storage and after sales services. Maize, Soybeans, sunflower, cassava and groundnuts.

FARM BEST Livestock Feed

The industrial products are partly processed into livestock feed. Mixed with concentrates and processed into pallets that can be consumed by Farm Future livestock.

FARM BEST Mechanization

Terra Agric has developed farm equipment that is produced based on OEM conditions by reputed international farm equipment manufacturers. Terra Agric has contracted a tractor manufacturer that manufacturers tractors based on own specifications.

FARM BEST Housing and Storage

Terra Agric deliverers through local partners warehousing and warehouse finance so the commodities are dried and stored with the proven technology in order to supply costumers throughout the year “just on time”.