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The farms developed through the FARM FUTURE program are farms that are managed based on a franchise business model. The intention of Terra Agric is to create viable farm businesses owned and operated by farmers and their families in order to have a long-term secure delivery of commodities to its clients.

High potential young farmers

The high potential young farmers are the ones who have the best chances to be the winners of tomorrows economy. Terra Agric has developed a farm model that results in viable and profitable farms where farming families can participate in the society based on a high middle income and afford a good life style.

Family farming

Family farming means that we consider farming, not as an individual job but a profession and life style for the whole family, they all need to make sacrifices in time, energy and money.

Dedicated farming

Terra Agric is demanding from their farmers that they live with their families on the farm compound and being fully operational responsible for the farm operations.

Margin focused farming

Terra Agric has developed farm practices that in potential has the optimum cost a benefit ratio, “where there is margin there is sufficient capacity to overcome risks and stress.” Long-term farm strategies with a well-balanced rotation planning and adopting the international demanded good farming practices are the bases for their economic success.